Which fincas allow pets or events?

Which fincas are suitable for events?

Not all fincas in our portfolio are equipped for larger events. Therefore, we have a filter "Wedding and Events" on our website, which you can use to find your desired finca. However, please do not book your desired finca directly.

After selecting your desired finca, you can write us an e-mail in which you describe roughly what kind of event is planned (large wedding, birthday, with catering, with music, etc.). We will then forward this information to the owner to check whether the finca is equipped for your event. In addition, surcharges are often charged for events, and the owner will inform us of these according to the planned event.

In which fincas may I bring my pet?

We would like to make your holiday with your pet possible. However, not all finca owners allow pets.

So that you know exactly in which fincas the landlord allows pets, we have created the filter function: "Pet-friendly". Here, all fincas are listed that fit your desired travel dates and allow pets. In some fincas, the landlord will charge a deposit/fee for bringing your pet.

Can I visit my finca before booking?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the finca outside of the booked period. We want to allow our clients privacy during their stay and give the landlords the time to maintain their fincas.

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