How is the availability of fincas?

What is the minimum rental period?

What does the minimum rental period mean?

The minimum rental period is the minimum number of nights required by the landlord. Thus, each booking must be at least X (usually 5 or 7) nights in duration. A longer booking is of course always possible (within the framework of the occupancy calendar). A booking shorter than the minimum rental period is unfortunately not possible.

I can't keep to the minimum rental period, can I still book?

Unfortunately, we cannot change the minimum rental period, as this is set by the landlord. If seasonal offers allow a shorter minimum rental period, we will advertise this on the website. However, it would be possible to book for seven or five nights according to the minimum rental period, then the landlord will be happy to allow you a later check-in or an earlier check-out.

What are bookable periods?

Why can't certain periods be selected even though they are free?

Our landlords themselves determine how long the minimum duration per stay should be. The same applies to the arrival and departure days and whether gaps between two stays are permitted. In some houses, arrival is only possible on certain days of the week for organisational reasons on the part of the landlord or manager. Due to the interaction of these rules, it can happen that certain periods cannot be selected in the booking form, even though they are marked as free.

If you are nevertheless interested in a period that cannot be selected, it is possible to make an individual enquiry with the owner within the framework of a last-minute enquiry (approx. 5 weeks before arrival).

When can I book a finca?

How far in advance can I book a finca?

The seasonal prices are determined by the landlords and sent to us individually each year. Many landlords usually open the calendar in the summer of the current year for the next season. Normally, we have then received all the prices towards the end of the year.

My desired finca is not yet bookable for next year, when will the calendar open?

If you are already interested in a finca holiday for next year but your desired dates are not yet on the booking calendar, we, unfortunately, have to ask you for a little patience. We will open the calendar for this finca as soon as we have received the current prices from the landlord.

Is there a booking option or pre-reservation?

I still need some time to decide on the booking, can I have the period blocked for me?

Fincallorca does not offer the option of pre-booking (booking option). We do offer the option to book immediately and therefore need to keep the calendars up to date.

If you still need some time to think about it, you are welcome to make a non-binding enquiry so that you can already see the costs. If the finca has already been sold out in the meantime, we can certainly help you find a new, equally suitable property.

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