What to consider regarding guest numbers?

What does "Adults Only" mean?

We respect the wishes of the rural villa owners as to who they would like to rent. For example, there are very family-friendly or child-friendly rural villa owners (family-friendly), but also those who prefer not to welcome children in their rural villas. Likewise, it is desirable for some travellers to know whether the rural villa is suitable for children or not. This is exactly what the filter function "Adults Only" is for. This classification may be partly due to local conditions, but may also be related to the experience of the owners.

The minimum age of all travellers to an "Adults Only" rural villa must be 16 years at the start of the journey.

Is there a minimum age at the time of booking?

The main booking person must generally be at least 18 years old. Please note that depending on the rural villa, a higher minimum age may be required. A few of our owners prefer to welcome tenants over 25 or 30 to their rural villas, you will then find this information on the finca's website under the tab "Additional services and other notes" (there is often an exception here for families with children).


How is the number of persons calculated?

The number of persons is calculated according to age. Every person over 16 years of age counts as an adult. Persons between 2 and 16 years count as children. Babies from 0 - 24 months (2 years) do not count towards the number of persons. Please ensure there is sufficient availability of baby sets in the rural villa.

What is the maximum number of babies?

Fincallorca defines the term baby as a newborn (0 months) up to a toddler of two years (24 months). A toddler older than two years is counted as a child.

I was only able to specify one baby when booking, but we are travelling with more than one, is this a reason for exclusion?

If only one baby can be selected when booking, this, unfortunately, means that there is only room for one baby in this rural villa. You are welcome to send us an email and we will be happy to help you find a suitable alternative property.

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