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Availability on other portals

I have now booked my rural villa holiday with you but my rural villa still appears available on similar portals. Is there an error in my booking?

If you have received a booking confirmation from us (How is the booking process?), your booking has been entered into our system and the owner has been informed. Often the owners also offer their properties on other portals and may not have the most up-to-date occupancy schedule there. You are welcome to send us an e-mail about this and we will contact the owner.

Can I book a rural villa through Fincallorca as a travel agent?

As a Fincallorca partner agency, you are very welcome to book a rural villa in Mallorca for your clients with us and receive a commission for doing so. To do this, you will need an agency number, which we will issue to you after sending you the agency contract.

You are welcome to send us a cooperation request by e-mail, and we will then provide you with the necessary information. Once you have an agency number, you can book conveniently via our website and quote the agency number we issue when booking.

How can I evaluate my stay?

We are very happy if you would like to tell other interested parties about your great stay. Since we want to keep the ratings of our properties truthful, a rating can only be submitted via your personal rating link. We will send you this link a few days after your stay. If you do not want to wait any longer or have not received it, you are welcome to write to us again and we will send you an e-mail with the evaluation link.

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