What additional equipment is available at the rural villa?

What additional equipment do rural villas offer?

If certain additional equipment (e.g. table tennis table, bicycles, hammock, etc.) is advertised in the rural villa's equipment, then the rural villa offers this equipment. If additional equipment is not advertised, it is usually not offered.

If there are certain must-haves that you definitely need in your dream rural villa, it is best to specify this in the filter criteria during the search. This way, only rural villas that meet these criteria will be suggested to you.

Is there a baby set on my rural villa?

A baby set includes a baby cot and a high chair.

On the page of your desired rural villa, you will find the information about the baby set under the tab Additional services and other information, here you can see whether and how many free baby sets are available on this rural villa.

If the owner charges a fee for the use of the baby set, you will find information about the number and price under the tab On Demand Services. This fee must then be paid in cash on-site.

If one (or more) baby is indicated at the time of booking, our landlords will usually provide the corresponding available number of baby sets without additional notification.

Is there a shopping service?

Some landlords offer a shopping service. You are welcome to view the additional services that your rural villa offers on the website of your rural villa under the tab On Demand Services. If a shopping service is offered, you will find it noted here.

If you would like to make use of this service, you must ask the landlord or manager in advance and a service surcharge may apply. If the shopping service is offered, please send the landlord or manager a short shopping list with the most important groceries. The shopping service is not intended for "bulk shopping".

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