How will my arrival be organized?

What is the address of the rural villa?

Unfortunately, we cannot send you the exact location of the rural villa in advance, as we want to protect the privacy of the owners or any tenants of the rural villa. Of course, you will need the coordinates to get there, so five weeks before your trip you will receive a PDF with the so called travel information (s.a. What do I need to know before traveling?). This contains the coordinates of the rural villa, an exact description of the route and the contact details of your local contact person.

GPS coordinates of the rural villa

Why are only the coordinates of the rural villa shown in my travel information but not a correct address?

Since many rural villas in our portfolio are located in very rural areas, these properties usually do not have an actual address. Sometimes there is also no postal delivery and some field paths are not named.

The easiest way to find your rural villa is therefore to use the GPS coordinates. If you use Google Maps, you can copy the link from the PDF document and open it in the browser of your smartphone. This will then guide you to your rural villa. If you use a classic navigation device, you can enter the coordinates there to find your way.

What do I do if I have problems getting there?

We would like to make your arrival as worry-free as possible. For this purpose, we will send you a PDF with so called travel information five weeks before your arrival. In order to ensure that your arrival is handled as smoothly as possible, it is important that you inform us of the flight times of your outward and return flights, stating the flight numbers, up to 4 weeks before your arrival. We will forward this information in advance to the property manager of your finca so that he can prepare for your arrival.

Among other things, you will find instructions on how to hand over the rural villa (key box or in person), as well as the landlord's telephone number. We recommend that you contact the owner before arrival to check whether communication is working. Then you can simply contact the owner during your arrival should any questions arise.

If you are unsure about the language, you can also call us during our telephone hours and we will help you as best we can. Please understand that our teams are located in Germany, so immediate assistance on site can primarily be provided by the contact person.

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