What should be considered on the finca?

How does the handover of the house take place?

About 5 weeks before your arrival, you will also receive comprehensive documentation from us about the handover of the keys and how to contact your landlord or their property manager on site.

This includes, in particular, a detailed description of the route to the property or to an easy-to-find meeting point. In case you get lost or your plane is delayed, please contact the property manager; he will then help you with the route or arrange for your new arrival time.

At the property itself, the property manager will then hand you the house keys and briefly introduce you to the most important functions of the house. In the meantime, some of our landlords have switched to a contactless handover by means of a key box. Please refer to your travel information for more information.

What is meant by local standards?

The building services in most rural villas are sometimes not comparable with German standards. This starts with the electricity supply, which does not have the continuity we know from Germany, and ends with the water pressure, the hot water supply and the lime content as well as the purity of the tap water. Such slight deficits in building services are absolutely normal for the country. However, if there are more serious problems, please contact your landlord or his property management immediately so that any deficiencies can be remedied without delay.

Please remember that in Spain tap water is usually not drinking water.

What can I do in case of a defect on site?

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that a few discrepancies arise during your stay. Should there ever be any problems on site around the house you have moved into or even beyond (e.g. a medical emergency or similar), please always contact the local contact person. The landlord must be given the opportunity to rectify any defects on site and take remedial action. If necessary, you should also document this for illustration purposes.

We will be happy to help you as a mediator should communication difficulties arise. Please understand that our teams are located in Germany, so immediate on-site assistance can be provided by the contact person first and foremost. Please note that Fincallorca only acts as an intermediary between you and your contractual partner, the owner. Therefore, all complaints must be directed to the owner.

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