What fees are to be considered?

What is the service fee?

The service fee helps us run our site and improve our 7-day customer service. The service fee is used to compensate our team for their efforts in processing the booking. It is excluded from the possible stay on the rural villa and is therefore also charged regardless of the rural villa or length of stay.

You will find more information about our service fee on the website of the respective rural villa under the advertised night price.

The service fee remains unaffected in the event of cancellation.

What is the "Ecotasa"?

On the Balearic Islands, the so called "Ecotasa" (visitor's tax) has been in force since 1 July 2016 and is payable by all tourists to Mallorca. The amount depends on the category of accommodation. From the 9th day of stay onwards, this is reduced by half and is only payable by persons aged 16 and over.

The "Ecotasa" is either already included in the nightly price of a rural villa or must be paid in cash to the rural villa landlord during the stay (ideally directly upon arrival). Please note that the rural villa landlord must take your personal details (and may even make a copy of your passport) when collecting the "Ecotasa".

If the "Ecotasa" for a rural villa must be paid in cash on site, this will be indicated in the service description and in the booking confirmation. The rural villa owner will ask you about this during your stay.

To calculate the amount of the "Ecotasa", you can use the following calculator:

Ecotasa calculator

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