What does travel cancellation insurance cover?

The most important information about travel cancellation insurance

Travel cancellation insurance is a form of travel insurance that protects you against the financial burdens that can arise from unforeseen events that result in you having to cancel your trip.

As a long-time partner, Fincallorca offers MDT travel cancellation insurance. To take advantage of this service, select the optional travel cancellation insurance when completing your booking.

What events are typically covered?

The events covered may vary depending on the MDT travel insurance, but typical reasons for cancellation may include:

  • Unexpected illness or injury: if you or a close family member suddenly falls ill or is injured and is unable to make the trip.
  • Death of a family member: In the tragic event of the death of a family member, you can be supported by insurance.
  • Serious accidental damage at home: If your home becomes uninhabitable shortly before departure due to an unexpected incident.
  • Job loss: The unexpected loss of your job.
  • Pregnancy: If a pregnancy is discovered after the start of the insurance or complications of an existing pregnancy.

Who is covered by travel cancellation insurance?

When taking out travel cancellation insurance, please enter the names of all fellow travelers in the appropriate field (or send them to us for the purpose of travel cancellation insurance). All travelers are then insured equally.

Take out travel cancellation insurance and make a claim

Ideally, you should take out travel cancellation insurance when you book your trip so that you are protected from the outset.

In the event of an unforeseen event that requires cancellation, you should contact MDT travel immediately. Observe the specific requirements of MDT travel and submit all necessary documents, such as medical certificates or official documents, in good time. Written confirmation of the persons actually traveling is recommended at check-in (on-site).

Your insurance contract is with MDT GmbH, see insurance terms and conditions.

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