How is the booking process?

We are pleased that you have decided to make a booking with us. You can make the booking on the website of your selected finca, there you will reach the foot of the website, the booking area, via the tab "to booking".

There you can choose whether you want to make a binding booking or a non-binding enquiry. An enquiry is only recommended if you are not yet sure about the booking. You can also ask any questions about the booking or the finca under your details there, which we will answer as quickly as possible. Please note that an enquiry is not a reservation, as we do not offer this service. In order to ensure that the period you have requested will not be occupied, you must place a binding booking.

This can be done simply by entering your details on our website. Please understand that for security reasons we cannot accept bookings over the phone. The main booking person must be at least 18 years old. Please note that depending on the property, a higher minimum age may be required. A few of our owners prefer to welcome tenants over 25 or 30 of age, this information can then be found on the finca's website.

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