What do I have to pay attention to for general pool cleanliness?

Mallorca is often called the "island of the wind". In fact, especially in summer, there is an all-afternoon weather phenomenon called "Embat".

This is a sometimes quite strong (but due to the heat very pleasant) wind from the sea, which of course can always blow leaves and insects into the finca pool. This is therefore not a fundamental contamination of the water, which also does not affect the pH value or the actual water quality.

In most cases, there is a net with an extension arm at the pool with which these superficial impurities can be easily removed. The basic cleaning of the pool is usually done fully automatically by a circulation pump and is also carried out regularly enough by a "pool boy". However, if you have any doubts about the quality of the water in the finca you have booked, please contact your landlord or the local property management immediately to have the water quality checked again.

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