Where can I find the FCS health check form?

Even in times of the Corona crisis, fincas are very well suited to providing a holiday under the catchphrase "social distancing" due to their individual accommodation units. For fincallorca, the safety of its guests and finca owners is paramount. In order to raise the already high standards of hygiene and safety even further, fincallorca has communicated important guidelines to all finca owners. These are based on the Spanish Ministry of Health's order SND/399/2020 of 9 May 2020 on the opening of tourist accommodation and facilities. The main points from this are:

Overall cleaning: A total cleaning is carried out between the departure of a guest and the arrival of a new guest. In order to carry out this, finca owners can reserve an extra day in the booking system. Finca owners are requested to remove unnecessary items from the house. Additional bed linen can also be removed from the finca, but is still available on request of the guest. To simplify the waste situation, fincallorca recommends removing rubbish bins from individual rooms and using firmly lockable bins.

Check-in and check-out: The keys are handed over contactless or contact-minimised. In the case of contactless check-in, the front door key can be left in a key box or in a safe place. The finca owner can then implement the greeting and briefing of the customers by telephone. All finca owners should observe the minimum distance and hygiene standards when handing over keys in person.

Training of staff: The finca owners are also instructed to familiarise all other persons working on the finca - such as gardeners or a cleaning team - with the new hygiene standards and regulations.

Disinfectants: The finca owners provide their guests with disinfectants during their stay.

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